Philosophy, bullshit and everything in the middle.

Has there ever been a time, when you looked out your window and felt the world outside tug at you? It’s quite easy to miss, barely there, but it’s there. And once you know that it’s there, it’s almost impossible to ignore. It’s hard not to imagine what might happen if you forgot about everything and just…Left. If you just started walking and didn’t think about where you might find yourself by the next morning.

It can be a little frustrating, knowing that you have the life that you have and even though you can’t really complain because you know that so many have it a lot worse than you do, yet wanting so much more from it. You may think that leaving might just make it all better, it might..Make everything a lot less pathetic than it is, or at least you make it out to be. At the same time, you bury it, repress the thought till it comes and sits on your lap and refuses to leave. Ever had that? That urge to just run and leave it all behind staring at you right in the face and you try to push it away but it just steps in your way again. Have you ever felt it threaten you to swallow you from the inside and then throw you up if you keep refusing to acknowledge its presence?

If you have experienced these symptoms, then sir, a huge Welcome is in order, since it is the same ship as me that you have come aboard. I say ship and not boat simply because a mere boat wouldn’t be enough to handle the number of passengers who find themselves treading the same waters as we do now, where there is no time of the year that seems to be safe enough to set sail in. The tides always threaten you to take you, well us since I am no different than you are, with them. We have no recollection of how it happened, or even when it happened, but somehow we find ourselves staring over the edge.

Many call that ambition, most call it stupidity. But to all I would like to say,I know of no safe passage that you can take without the feeling fear of drowning and neither do I think that such a thing even exists. I travel alongside you sharing the same fears and fighting the same battles. The one reassurance that I can give you, and you can choose to feel reassured by it, is that there is a possibility that you might find yourself liking where you end up the next morning, you may just even enjoy the walk there.


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